Kid Logic

I thought I should finally post my year 12 Media film which has been doing the circuit at a few film festivals in Melbourne recently, both at Screen It! and Made in Melbourne film festival.

It's a funny little short stop-motion animation sharing some examples of kid logic which is as perfectly explained by This American Life

Stories of kids using perfectly logical arguments, and arriving at perfectly wrong conclusions".

The animated stories are examples of kid logic I collected and gathered off friends and the internet. These were the most common or the simplest examples to animate, however I did uncover some hilariously bizarre stories on Reddit, if you dare to check them out here.

I made it with cut-out bits of paper and layered in a home-made multiplane set which consisted of stacking old frankie magazines and sheets of thick plastic. Very professional. 

It was really fun yet tedious to make and I can't wait to continue exploring and creating more stop motion animation. The film took about two moths to make and edit, using Dragonframe and Final Cut Pro. Dragon Frame was the absolute best program and it made the process a lot quicker, so I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to make stop motion animations. 

I'm really proud of the piece, especially considering I had never made a stop motion animation before manually and I had to teach myself how to do everything and learn new programs, so it was a very challenging, however a very rewarding process.

I will probably look back on this video in 50 years time once I am some hip animator at Pixar whilst holding my arms full of Oscars and laugh at its cut and paste style, however at the moment as an almost adult I think it's pretty neat.

Feel free to share some of your stories of kid logic.

Since making this film I have constantly been asked what kid logic I used to have, so here are two of my favourites.

You could be Sucked Down The  Drain Hole
I used to think you could get sucked down the drain hole in the bath as my Mum and brother  used to act out these big scenes where one of them would pretend to get get sucked down and the other would pretend to be pulling them out. I used to be so frighten of getting sucked down it but now I think it's hilarious I thought it was possible for a human to fit down a tiny pipe. The sound of the water going down the drain still disturbs me.

Dummy's Grew On Trees
When I was young I always loved my dummy( pacifier) and I had this book called The Last Noo Noo, which was about this monster whose Grandmother thought it was too old for dummy's, however it would give them up. Ultimately in the end the monster is left with one dummy which he plants in the garden and it grows into a beautiful dummy tree. So I obviously planted one of my dummy's in the garden as that's how I though they were made. Sadly we moved country so I never knew what happened to the dummy and their could potentially be a lovely dummy tree blooming in someone's backyard that I planted.