Heide & Check

Yesterday I woke up in sad and bitter mood which would not go away. Sometimes I just feel extremely frustrated with the world and nothing makes me more annoyed than doing absolutely nothing, so I tried to fill my morning by painting out in the sun. 

It was a beautiful day and there is nothing worst than being in a bad mood on a lovely day, so although I still felt bitter I was happy when my parents decided to go to Heide for the day. I'd been wanting to go for long time and the weather was utterly perfect. 

In front of Emily Floyds book shelf, which I can't wait to swap a book from it

Ultimately, It turned into a wonderful day. My morning woes had dissapeared and I felt inspired and 
I loved the three different galleries, and can now only dream of someday opening up an art gallery in my own home where a collective of artists can flourish and create, whilst I bake them cakes and pose for portraits . 

The J M Powers pieces were my favourite and his saturated colour palette looked wonderful displayed in Heidi II. It's such a neat setting, I think every home/gallery should have a brown shag conversation pit to liase in whilst looking at the art. 

'Paysage' (Landscape) by JW Power, 1934 oil on canvas 50.9 x. 
J.W.Power, Susannah and the Elders, 1931-32

Now I can't wait to return and become a member. In the mean time I'm excited to start reading The Heart Garden: Sunday Reed and Heide and make more art. 

Listening to the new She & Him album, whilst wearing my new check pants.