Lime Lady

A while ago my Mum found this really lovely painting at an op-shop for me, which I was really pleased about. However when we removed the price tag which had foolishly been stuck on the picture, some of the print came off and as it was a print not a painting I couldn't just fill the gap myself. Ahhhh! The Horror!

I was left at a dilemma with the painting, as I loved the style and thought it would be such a waste if it was just thrown out, but I didn't know how to fix it. I began experimenting with different ideas as to how to solve the problem. I tried to paint the background first but had difficultly because of it's glossy background. 

With the help of some spray primer and lots of layers of  paint and a freshly painted frame I now have a lovely new addition to my art collection. I really love the brightness of the lime green and find it interesting that with the challenge of a bit of peeled off paint came thought and creation and a result that I like even better than the original design. 

Now I just need to find some spare space on my wall to hang it!